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The Purpose of my therapy is:

Providing a safe, confidential and inclusive space for you to be heard and understood, supporting you to work through what you bring.


About Me

Hi and welcome to my website. I am fully qualified integrative counsellor. 

My office is fully wheelchair accessible and has a disabled toilet, click on this link: to take you directly to the disabled access page for photos and measurements.

I have led a varied career working in: serving in the British Army (WRAC) and working in the care sector. Both of these careers have allowed me to gain great understanding around disibility. My own temporary disibilites in the Army restricted what I could/couldn't do and working in care has given great insight to wheelchair restrictions. Both of these careers have allowed me to gain a very inclusive, non-judgemental approach where I working collaboritively with clients to make adjustments where possible tailoring your therapy to meet your needs.

I left school at 16 with no qualifications and was diagnosed as dyslexic in my 50’s. Having this late diagnoses has given me much understanding of my own issues with the support of my therapist.

Accessing therapy for me was scary, worring about not being understood or believed - that was the hardest step but also the best I have ever made, so I do have understanding of making that inital contact right through to trusting my therapist with what I brought to my sessions. There was no judgement, I was understood and I was supported to find my understanding of what I brought to my sessions. I was not always the one at fault (don’t get me wrong I wasn’t always the innocent party, after all I am human too). 

My confidence as a person grew and I learnt to like who I am (including my flaws). That is what I provide for you.

Pre-therapy, I believed I was 'different' and 'beneath' others. I now believe that there is no one person better than another - we all have different strengths and weaknesses and that is what makes each of us a unique individual.

My mistakes - I own them and learn from them, I am a human being, not a robot.

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